I'm mannitt. I've been doing different types of digital art for several years now.

       I have experience in Photoshop and coding in different languages. I've also worked in 3D as well. I have a spattering of education in all of these things. Plus many years of doing them as a hobby.

       Currently I am learning Daz3D to produce 3D art. It works to my strengths. Modeling has always been my weak point in 3D. So being able to not do that but works with models from many different talented artist. I can adjust and create different pieces.

       This page is a start of... what? I'm not sure exactly. I love creating. So right now I am making different pieces as practice and learning. I am also in the process of developing a Visual Novel with 3DCG for the art.

       For those that know about the rising popularity of Western Visual Novels. Especially adult Visual Novels may know what I'm talking about. At the core I'm a big fan of Japanese Visual Novels. They were my introduction to them. I like almost all types but especially eroge. It means erotic. So a Japanese eroge Visual Novel is an erotic Visual Novel. They can have many different types of erotic situations and stories.

       Even though I will still have lots of SFW images. The core of my art and what my Visual Novel will have and be about, is adult NSFW content.

       I am a short time away from completing an alpha or beta version of the game. (What does alpha or beta even mean in the gaming industry anymore?)

       I will post different pieces of 3D art that I am doing. While I work on the Visual Novel. Some pieces will be SFW and others NSFW. I will post most over at my Patreon where the SFW will be public for anyone to see. The NSFW pieces will be behind the paywall per Patreon's TOS. So those interested to see as I develop my art. I ask to join me.

       I still work full time but it is a good job that isn't too stressful and gives plenty of time for me to work on my hobbies.

       Below are some examples of what I've done. I will have more images of my upcoming VN but also others. So enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

Melanie from my VN game, The Inheritance.

More info at my Patreon


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